And Here’s Our Review Of 2012′s Highlights… Thanks To The Onion

Seniors Pay Full Price Here…

senior discounts

Jabba The Hut Smokes?!?!?

Jabba the Hutt

All Kinds Of Hynies…


Chris Rock Says “If You’ve Never Contemplated Murder… You’ve Never Been In Love.”.

Love is

I Know.. It’s Preachy… But It’s Cool.


Nobody Got Me A Leap Motion For Xmas… But I’m Getting One For Sure.

You Tell ‘Em Granma!!

go granny

Haysoos Trumps The Mayans…

cool jesus

Nice Desktop…

extended desktop

One More Evil Prank To Perpetrate Before 2012 Leaves… You’re Welcome.


The My Facebook Followers are More Important Than My Kid Picture…

picture first

Merry Xmas!!! All The Best!!

merry-christmas scary-santa2 xmaszombie

You Know Who You Are…

santa says

Seen At The 99¢ Store…

parked sleigh

For Allan In Tacoma… Arrrrr!!!!!!

rum forrest rum

Enjoy That New Smart Phone… Slave.

smart phone master

This Works… Don’t Ask How I Know.

nosy neighbors

You Can’t Win The Game Of Life…

life stages

Un-Engagement Ring…


I Used To Think I’d Outgrown Garfield…


My Fantasy Facebook Update Revealed…

facebook status ZOMBIES Are My Fucking Problem!!! floridas finest

Real Or Not? Eagle Snatches Kid.

This Is Why Your Cat Poops In Your Shoes…

drunk again drunk friendshangover headache Heavy sleeper xmas gift cast style

You Do Not Have To Fear Change Ever Again…

fear change