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Things We’ve Argued About… How Many Things On This Site Can You Relate To?

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About

  • The way one should cut a Kiwi Fruit in half (along its length or across the middle).
  • Leaving the kitchen door open (three times a day that one, minimum).
  • The best way to hang up washing.
  • Those little toothpaste speckles you make when you brush your teeth in front of the mirror.
  • I eat two-fingered Kit-Kats like I’d eat any other chocolate bars of that size, i.e., without feeling the need to snap them into two individual fingers first. Margret accused me of doing this, ‘deliberately to annoy her’.
  • Which way – the distances were identical – to drive round a circular bypass (this resulted in her kicking me in the head from the back seat as I drove along).
  • The amount of time I spend on the computer. (OK, fair enough.)
  • First Born’s name (Jonathan). Then, when that was settled…
  • How to pronounce First Born’s name.
  • Our telephone number.

And Many, Many More…. HERE

Is There No End To What People Will Do With PhotoShop!?!?

horse hair

ornge frog

fang apple

Anybody Who Reads This Site Regularly Knows That PMS Is A Big Deal Around My House… I Pay A Huge Price For 1 Week Out Of Every Month… I Can State Categorically… That This Article Sucks And None Of The “Cures” Work…

How to Get Rid of PMS

It must have been at least five or six years ago when I first noticed that for one full day just before I get my period, I’m always incredibly irritable. Minor disagreements, tiny inconveniences, bad smells—all things mildly annoying—make me boil. You might think that after so many months of this, I would come to expect it and sort of schedule it in: “Okay, I’m going to be crabby that day. Better not leave the house.” But in reality, it always takes me at least half a day to recognize the underlying reason for my irritability. That means, for at least the first half of one day every month, I just think everyone is an asshole.


Black Woman, White Skin

Her parents were black, but she looks white. Kenosha Robinson on trying to figure out where she fits in.

black woman white skin

Despite my efforts, I was still mistaken for a white girl. So I established myself with an entirely different group-the class clowns. I ridiculed myself as a way of pre-empting comments from others, joking about “not being too white to whup your butt!” Other times, I kidded about being just white enough to “claim kidnapping” if my black friends and I ever got pulled over for speeding. But underneath, it was the same old story: I was actually afraid to look at myself in the mirror.  (READ MORE)

When She’s Older… She’ll Complain To Her Friends About The Pigs She Sleeps With… Never Realizing Where It All Started…

pig sleeper

This Guy Comes Up With The Best Signs!


I’ve posted him before.. But I’ll have to dig up his other pics.

Can’t Keep It Up!…

My Internet Connection Is Slower Than Molasses In January Today… And To Add Insult To Injury… It Won’t Stay Up!

I’ve been trying for hours to post… I’ll Try Again Later… Forgive me if I strike out.

cat tech

flasherRadar Maghalloweniegrillzgodpoop

Short Posts Today… Here’s A Few Weird Videos…

He Screws Up A Flaming Shot

This One Sets Himself On Fire Lighting 151 Rum

Video Vigilante Goes After Lowes Truck Driver And A Hooker

The Video Vigilante Posts His Ambush Videos

Famous Logos Over Time…

logos over time

Life’s Itinerary…

lifes itinerary

Let’s Book That Trip To Moscow Quick!…

wlcom russia

Huckabee and McCain… Clinton And Obama… Facts And Comparisons… An LCO Exclusive…

All Of The Politicians And Pundits Have Stocked Up On Loads And Loads Of:

turd polish

So… This is how the media is portraying the Democratic race…

obama ascendant Barack Obama

ug fish Hillary Clinton

Here’s How Your Friendly Neighborhood FourEyes Sees It When It Comes To Our Candidates…

Obama… A Sweet Treat… Attractive… Tasty… Comforting… Something We All Look Forward To… But A Lot Of Empty Calories… Can’t Live On These Alone…On The Other Hand… They Look Great!


Clinton… A Lot More Substance… Tasty… Lots Of Calories… Can Live On These… Gives You Serious Heartburn Though.

heart fries

McCain… Substantial… Tasty… Can Live On These Too… Potential For Serious Gas Though… Can Get Very Messy When Not Wrapped Tight.


None Of The Above Are That Good For You… All The Above Are Likely To Give You A Heart Attack…Or The Runs.

Alternately …

cottage cheese There’s Huckabee

Healthy… Dr. Recommended… Bland… Most People Will Only Consume Under Duress… Not A Real Crowd Pleaser.

mixed nuts Ralph Nader.

Let’s Not Forget Ralph! Appealing… Tasty… Can Be Healthy But The Salt Can Counteract That… Lots Of Folks Are Allergic…

And When It Comes Down To It… It’s Just Nuts.

Stop Worrying! Pick Your Favorite Food Folks… It All Comes Out In The End… We’ll All End Up Doing The Same Thing…

Best Ad I’ve Ever Seen!.. I Gotta Get Me Somma That There Vi-Agra…

viagra ad

This Happens To Me A Lot…

power of books

Cat Abuse!… We’re Gonna Try This With Our Old Cat Bart… If I Don’t Post Tomorrow… It’s Because I Have No Hands…

cat helmet

Ever Felt Like This?

you are here

Windows Vista Screen Shot…


Is There Something Strange In Your Town?… Hauntings? UFO’s? Ley Lines?… Find Out Here…

StrangeUSA.com -

Consolidating the vast amount of ‘Strange Stuff’ out there into 1 easy to use place… Haunted buildings, places, Urban legends, cemeteries, weird places, cool places, ghost towns, and anything else that is worth your time to visit.

Another Time Waster… Follow Your Cursor…


I Hope You’ve Been Lucky Enough To Have Seen The Auroras… If Not…


Ever Downloaded Software That Screwed Up Your Computer? Find Out Which Is “Badware” Before You Install It…

The “Badware” problem.

We’ve all seen it happen: you or someone you know has downloaded something from the internet that seemed harmless enough at the time. Next thing you know, the computer has slowed to a crawl. Pop-up advertising starts to appear out of nowhere. Private information gets sent to some company you’ve never heard of. And the worst part? Trying to uninstall the software sometimes makes the problem worse. Find out more…

I’d Have Loved To Have Been There When He Chomps Down… Surprise!!

bite balls

This Lady Seriously Loses It!.. Grade AAA Looney Bin Material…

It’s 8 Minutes Long… But It’s A Hoot!!!

A New Level of Crazy – Watch more free videos

Super Slow-Motion Water Balloon Pop…

This calls for at least one replay…

http://view.break.com/457192 – Watch more free videos