Michael J. Jackson… Superstar… R.I.P.


If you are between 20 and 60 years old… Michael Jackson’s music very probably plays a big part of the soundtrack of your life.  From “ABC” to “Ben”… From “I’ll Be There” to … “Pretty Young Thing”… From “Billie Jean” to “Bad“… When you heard his music… You knew that you just had to “Shake Your Body Down To The Ground”.

He sang about “Human Nature” and the “Man In The Mirror”… And when he asked us to just “Leave Me Alone”… We didn’t.  We couldn’t.  He was the guy who let us know that “We Are The World” and that “Ebony and Ivory” could overcome the problems between “Black or White”.

Michael’s music can make you “Remember the Time” you felt “Invincible”…

Michael Jackson was “Off The Wall”… And now he’s “Gone Too Soon”.




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