Michael Jackson More Popular Than Jesus On WWW… MJ Searches Nearly Cripple Web…

Google returns for Michael Jackson returned almost 58 million results… Compared to nearly 32 million results for Barack Obama. Jesus Christ comes in third with almost 18 million results… Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope come in 4th and 5th respectively.

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google resultsMJ

google resultsBO

google resultsJC

google resultsQEII

google results pope

Amazon reports that they’re almost sold out of Michael Jackson stuff and iTunes has Michael Jackson listed as most of it’s top seller list as of Friday.

But the big story is that the Web’s biggest players all reported massive spikes in traffic… Google had a 25 minute period where they thought they were under attack and simply refused to serve up results.  Some experts say that the massive spike shows where the weaknesses are in the internet’s infrastructure.

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