Been Xmas Shopping?.. Seen These Folks?… Bruce From CT Sends These Doozies… You Laugh At ANY Of These Pics… You Get A Lump Of Coal.

She's Got Back Boobs... Fun To Hug!

Remember When Only Little Old Ladies Had Blue Hair?


Buns Of Butter

Let's Hope She's Buying A Bathrobe.

Plumber's Delight

Chicken Weave?

Nice Legs



Daisy Don'ts

Swamp Monsters Like Candy Too.

Wrong On So, So Many Levels.

Wanna Go Toe To Toe W/ Her At The Clearance Table?

Bet He Misses The Toilet A Lot...

You Have Been Warned.

Is That A Beard?!?

A Thong?!?!

Girls Gots Garters