The Mc10:35… McDonald’s Secret Menu Item… Get One!

via The Consumerist
This sandwich can only be created during the short change over from the breakfast to lunch menu at your local Mickey D’s.  It’s a fusion of two sandwiches, so it’s not technically a McDonald’s menu item, but it’s still pretty tasty and worth the trouble.

We hear it’s getting kind of a cult following in San Francisco.

1. Go to McD’s right when they are transitioning from breakfast to lunch.

2. Order one of the remaining Egg McMuffins from the breakfast menu and also order a McDouble since the lunch menu is now open.

3. Take the egg and Canadian bacon from the Egg McMuffin and put it on the McDouble.

It’s called a Mc10:35 because that’s pretty much the only time you can pull this off.

Word is… They’re really good when one is dealing with a hangover…

If you’ve ever had a good egg burger… You’ll understand how delicious these things can be…  Can’t speak on the curing hangovers thing… But there’s a good chance it’ll relieve you of a bit of life span… Enjoy!

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