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Chinese Develop Missile That Can Take Out U.S. Aircraft Carriers.

From HuffPo

USS George Washington

U.S. naval planners are scrambling to deal with what analysts say is a game-changing weapon being developed by China – an unprecedented carrier-killing missile called the Dong Feng 21D that could be launched from land with enough accuracy to penetrate the defenses of even the most advanced moving aircraft carrier at a distance of more than 1,500 kilometers (900 miles).

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Man Sprays Women With Bottled Semen In Grocery Store…


Police have arrested a Gaithersburg man suspected of spraying human semen on a woman standing in line at a Giant grocery store about two weeks ago, the Gaithersburg Police Department reported today.

Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., 28, of the 17000 block of Downing Street in Gaithersburg, was charged Thursday with second-degree assault in the July 15 attack, which police believe was not an isolated incident. An attorney was not listed for Edwards on Friday in an online state court records database and no hearing date has been set.

The woman was in line at the Giant store at 842 Muddy Branch Road on July 15, police said, when she noticed a man staring at her. As she was leaving the store, the man walked closely behind her and sprayed a liquid onto her back.

Police said they later determined the liquid was human semen.

Witnesses saw the man drive away in a gray car.

When officers interviewed Edwards after his arrest, they learned about additional victims, police said.

Anyone who believes he or she has been the victim of such a crime is asked to call the Gaithersburg Police Investigative Section at 301-258-6400.

Edwards was released on $4,000 bail, police said.

This was Edwards’ first arrest in Maryland, according to online court records.