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Is Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Being Downplayed?

Uncle Sams Auntie Seems To Think So…

Maybe it’s a good thing we decided to bomb Libya so that the country’s attention could be diverted. Apparently Charlie Sheen’s meltdown wasn’t a big enough draw. – Japan’s population of 135 million is crammed into a space slightly smaller than the state of California and faces at least two reactors melting down mere yards from the sea… While Chernobyl was a single reactor meltdown that never reached groundwater and it’s plume affected an area several times larger.  READ MORE HERE

On A Related Note…

If you feel like  having a bit of equipment around to give yourself a little peace of mind… A little further information on equipment and radiation

Buying A Geiger Counter And Dosimeters? Stuff You Need To Know.

Apparently thousands of people are buying up Cold War era Geiger counters and dosimeters from ebay and other places on the web… If you’re one of them or considerin­g it… Keep in mind that those things read in Roentgens. Most of the levels quoted today are in MilliSieve­rts and Sieverts. You’ll need this conversion chart to make any sense of the scales on those old CD units. Or you can keep the weight of water conversion in mind. 1 Sievert = 8.3 Roentgens.
Also… a good chart for dealing with exposure levels is here: