Super Skinny Super Models… I’ve Seen Starving Africans With More Meat On Their Bones…

How anyone could even remotely consider these people attractive is beyond me… I think it’s criminal to even encourage these poor things to get out of bed.  They look like they just got out of a concentration camp.

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Let’s Play Ball!..

Let's play ball!

Let's Play Ball!

Come On... Take It!

Come On... Take It!

A Gallery Of Stupid Children… Somebody Call CPS!!

Here we’ve got a trio of pics showing young’uns trying to lure big scary critters into itty-bitty containers…

I'll lure him in... And you snap the door shut!

I didn't think it would be quite this easy!

OK... Here he comes... Ready with the net?

Oh Lord! Please Let This Be True And I Will Truly Have Something To Be Thankful For!!

Ann Coulter Has Broken Jaw… Jaw Wired Shut.

I Wish I’d Been The One To Break Uncle Annie’s Jaw… But I’ll settle for knowing that someone finally cleaned her clock.

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