Drunken Negro Cookies… In Greenwich Village?!?..

Is this supposed to be Michelle and Barack?!?!

These were baked by the guy who supplies pastries and cakes featured on Sex and the City.

Drunken Negro Cookies

Lafayette French Pastry proprietor Ted Kefalinos thought that making strange looking cookies that some customers claim he calls “Drunken N-Word Cookies” was cute. Watch him try to fast pedal his way out of a serious backlash brought on by Fox5 New York Arnold Diaz’s exposé.

Here’s His Apology Video… Maybe Too Little Too Late

Another Of History’s Mysteries…

History Mystery

Have a history teacher explain this—– if they can.

Economy Has Lots Of People Feeling Like This…


Can Anybody Name This Flower?

Mama Wants Some And I Don’t Know What They Are…

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Double Row Stacked… How Do They Unload?…