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From : The Charlotte Observer

A Conway, S.C., woman who had video surveillance of a man having sexual intercourse with one of her horses said she found the suspect behind her barn Monday night and pointed a shotgun at his head until police arrived and arrested him.

Rodell Vereen, 50, of Longs, is charged with buggery and trespassing after Barbara Kenley, who owns Lazy B Stables on Coates Road in the Wampee section of Horry County, told officers she had video of the suspect having sex with a horse then wanted to catch him at her barn.

It is the second time Vereen, who works for a landscaping company, has been charged with having sex with a horse at Lazy B Stables. Vereen pleaded guilty to buggery on July 21, 2008 and was sentenced to three years probation, ordered to undergo mental health counseling, and told not to go near Lazy B Stables after he was caught having sex with a horse on Thanksgiving Day of 2007, according to the 15th Judicial Circuit.

“I have a false sense of security right now,” Kenley said. “When they arrested him before I thought that was the end of it. Now all of my insecurities are back. I can’t go out there at certain times because I am afraid.”

Kenley said Vereen was having sex with a 21-year-old horse named Sugar. Kenley said the horse is being treated for infections related to the incidents.

Kenley told officers she had video of Vereen “having relations” with one of her horses on July 19, according to a police report. “I had given police surveillance video before and they weren’t able to identify him,” Kenley said. “And I wanted to catch him firsthand. It was just a matter of time before I caught him.”

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