The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 – $1.4M Worth Of Automotive Whup-Ass


This car has a 1000 horsepower 16 cylinder engine and goes from zero to sixty in less than two seconds.  It’s brakes will bring you to a complete stop in less time than that.  It’s top speed is 253 mph. It’s interior is done up in leather from cows raised so high up in the Swiss Alps that there are no bugs to bite or sting the cows… This leaves the skins pristine. There will only be 300 made and 200 are already gone.  Bugatti will be happy to take your deposit… That is if you’re a previous customer… And you don’t mind the car having over 250 test miles on it when you take delivery.


Bugatti Veyron interior


Bugatti Veyron side view

Bugatti_Veyron_16.4_1 rear view

Bugatti Veyron collage

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