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White House High-Security Locks Broken: Bumped and Picked at DefCon

Medeco_m3_deadbolt A group of researchers has cracked the security features in what are supposed to be the world’s most secure locks — locks that are used at the White House, the Pentagon, embassies and other critical locations.They presented their complete findings for the first time at the DefCon hacker conference this weekend and showed how they could easily bump and pick the newest high-security M3 locks made by Medeco, a company that owns an estimated 70 percent of the lock market. In addition to bumping and picking Medeco’s M3 cylinder locks, they also succeeded only in the last few weeks to crack a Medeco M3 deadbolt lock — considered to be one of the highest security lock in the world. Tobias and his group showed Wired News how to open Medeco’s M3 deadbolt in less than a minute using nothing more than a modified $2 screwdriver and a wire shim. They asked that we not publish the details, however.