Today’s Insults

“Oh my God, look at you. Anyone else hurt in the accident?” - Don Rickles

Like a death at a birthday party, you ruin all the fun… Like a sucked and spat out smartie, you’re no use to anyone.” – John Cooper Clarke

“He has a face like a Saint – A Saint Bernard.” – Anon

“She has an insipid double chin, her legs are too short, and she has a slight potbelly.”
- Richard Burton talking about Elizabeth Taylor

“She loves ‘NATURE’ – In spite of what it did to her.” - Anon

“Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder?” – Don Rickles

“When He comes into a room, the mice jump on chairs.” - Anon

“I don’t want you to turn the other cheek – it’s just as ugly.” - Anon