Double-nosed dog not to be sniffed at…


Xingu the double-nosed Andean Tiger Hound

Xingu is said to be intelligent and fond of salty biscuits

Explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell has had close encounters with vampire bats and angry bees, but his latest brush has been with a rather odd dog. He spotted a rare breed of Double-Nosed Andean tiger hound, which has two noses, on a recent trip to Bolivia.

The chairman of the Scientific Exploration Society said the dog, named Xingu, was “not terribly handsome”.

He said: “This breed could be used for sniffing out mines or narcotics because they have an enhanced sense of smell.”

Colonel Blashford-Snell first encountered a Double-Nosed Andean tiger hound called Bella in 2005 when he was carrying out reconnaissance for this year’s expedition in the area near Ojaki.


All I Can Say Is… This Boy Wasn’t Raised Right.

Man arrested after attack on 4 grandmothers at beauty salon



WILKES-BARRE, Pennsylvania (AP) — A 41-year-old man stormed a beauty salon and bludgeoned four grandmothers with a hammer, fracturing one’s skull, before making off with less than $90, police said.
Thomas Leyshon III, of Mountain Top, was arrested after a daylong manhunt Friday.

The women, ages 56 to 76, did not resist but were beaten anyway, witnesses said. At least one required surgery.

“It takes a coward to go after some old women,” said Andy Chopka, grandson of victim Jeanna Chopka.

Authorities allege Leyshon attacked a co-owner of Hairem Family Hair and Nail Care while demanding money from the register and the women’s purses.

“This is a completely senseless act of brutality against women who were doing nothing more than spending a day at the beauty parlor,” prosecutor David Lupas said. “These are … the most vulnerable of victims.”

Leyshon was being held Saturday on $100,000 bail. It was not immediately clear if hehad a lawyer.

The victims were treated at hospitals for head and facial injuries.


Today’s Insults – Celebrity Style

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born” – Ronald Reagan

“A fellow with the inventiveness of Albert Einstein but with the attention span of Daffy Duck.” – Tom Shales talking about Robin Williams

“If I found her floating in my pool, I’d punish my dog.” – Joan Rivers on Yoko Ono

“If you can’t live without me, why aren’t you dead already?” – Cynthia Heimel

PostSecret Has Gone Video… Enjoy!