How To Talk To Women And Remain Politically Correct…

She is not a babe or chick…she is a breasted American
She does not scream or moan..she is verbally appreciative
She is not easy…she is horizontally accessible
She is not dumb…she took a detour off the information superhighway
She has not been around…she is previously enjoyed companion
She is not an airhead…she is reality impaired
She is not drunk or tipsy…she is chemically inconvenienced
She is not horny…she is sexually focused
She does not have breast implants…she is medically enhanced
She is not a nag..she is verbally repetitive
She is not a slut…she is sexually extroverted
She does not have major league hooters…she is pectorally superior
She is not a two-bit whore…she is a low cost provider

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