Does Anyone Besides Me Wonder Why OJ Is Such Big And Breathless News Again?

Call me a conspiracy nut if you want to… But I’ll believe until the last dog dies that we Americans get ourselves bamboozled and bullshi**ed into looking left when we should be looking right every time the powers that be have something they don’t want us getting riled up about.

As I’ve ranted about before… Smoke and Mirrors and our 30 second attention spans are used to our detriment and in my not so humble opinon will be the cause of the fall of the American Empire.

At least this time it’s not that wretched beast Ann Coulter… Did you notice that they didn’t let her out of her cage to rant about the Republican senator trying to link up for a little of what she accused John Edwards of being. And to my point… When she gets trotted out… I get distracted… Attack Iran!.. I Don’t Care!!!.. Ann Coulter’s talking! … Gas at $3.59 a gallon… I Don’t Care!!!… Let’s Hate Annie!.. I’m serious… This smoke and mirrors, let’s keep ‘em distracted business works like a charm!

Oil hit $80 a barrel for the first time this past week… What’d we get… OJ! What will we get? $4 gasoline for Thanksgiving. Did I mention the “tropical storm” that “suddenly turned into a hurricane and whacked the refinery coast of Texas last week also?… That was the start as far as I could see… It got worse from there.

Israel invaded Syrian airspace unprovoked and dropped “ordinance” and left… The Middle East shivered… We got OJ!

Please note as you click the links I’ve provided that the stories pointed out are largely in obscure publications… What was CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc giving us?… OJ!.. all day all the time.

Even scarier… Our “Fearless Leader” and his minion George is seriously planning to follow up on some insane idea that Armageddon is preordained and that they must play a part in bringing it about by attacking Iran. Of course… Between OJ and Brittney… We’ll all be caught unawares and be too embarrassed to bring it up… Kind of like the emperor’s new clothes… Nobody wanted to look foolish first.

Are we so jaded that we really are like the Romans at the end of the empire? A few parallels…

  1. They outsourced their brainpower, ability to produce goods and food to countries and people that were once their enemies or were subjugated… What have we done… See China and India.
  2. The Romans inbred and promoted the degenerate offspring of the elite to positions of power leading to terrible, useless decisions and senseless wars that drained the treasury and the young men and the pride of the country… What have we got? Our own Caligula? Caligula Our own Nero? cheney - nero
  3. The Romans lost the ability to control their borders and were ultimately overrun by people that didn’t owe allegiance to the Empire and wrecked the economy by working cheaply and accepting life on a lower tier… What is our parallel? Come to Any southern border state…. Who works in the kitchen of your local resaurant?… Who does your yard work?
  4. Emperors like Nero resorted to “Bread and Circuses” to keep the people fat, dumb and happy… What do we have?… See American Idol and 99¢ Whoppers… Supersize Me!!… You’re Fired!!!

Even though I don’t expect to reach 100… I fully expect to live to see a massive, massive decline in the power and prestige of the good ‘ol U.S of A… A nation of idiots with nukes. An idiocracy that won’t even have the brainpower to wonder when the end really happened… But…

We’ll always have OJ.