This Guy Kimbo Slice Is One Scary Dude!.. Serious Street Fights… Or Is This Fight Club?

I Guess I’m Going To Get Some Static For Posting These… But It’s Part Of What’s Happening In Our World..

He Fights TWO Guys In This One!

This One Is Particularly Ugly… Bad Language Too… NSFW with the sound on.

Police Mistaken For Strippers…

Revellers blewpolice stripper it when police who turned up at their rowdy party after complaints about the noise were mistaken for strippers.

The officers were mobbed when they walked into the bash in Simmern, western Germany, as drunken party-goers urged them to rip their clothes off.

“A young woman was giving a party and there seems to have been some confusion because the guests thought the two officers were a strip act,” said a police spokesman.

“The misunderstanding was swiftly resolved and calm was restored,” added the spokesman. “And they got out with their uniforms intact.”

I’m Gonna Get Mama One O’ These Outfits…

Frown panties

Pamela Anderson And Dead Chickens… Arousing And Disgusting

Check Out The Video HERE

Cruise Ship Of The Skies…Coming To An Airport Near You…

air cruise ship

This beast is called an Aeros Craft… It’s not a blimp… It’s not a zeppelin… It’s more like a cruise ship that flies.

At about 600 feet long… This aircraft will offer enough room for hundreds of passengers to be totally pampered for an 18 hour coast to coast flight at around 8000 feet… The views will be breathtaking!

Even though it does use helium(a lot!)… It only gets about 2/3 of its lift from the gas.  But it’ll have a payload of about 400 tons.

air cargo ship

That means that the cargo version could carry a whole Wal-Mart’s worth of goods and land anywhere there’s enough flat space.

Relatively quiet… stable, and with no need to be pressurized … This aircraft is scheduled to be in the air by 2010.

Read More HERE and HERE… Video HERE

Our Nuts… Salty And Fragrant…

our nuts

How Office Rumors Get Started…

office rumors