Ingredients: LSD, THC, Opium… And Crack.

Believe in god spray

“I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends”… – The Beatles

Team Bong

You’d Think This Is What We Used For Years At My House… My Little Angels Cried Even If We Used Plain Water…

Nothing but tears

Not Sure If I Could Get Mama To Wear These… At Home Only Of Course!

I know!.. I know!… I’m A Pig. .. But… If there are women who have no better sense than to package their hiney’s in spray paint and parade around them around in public… Then even though I may go tsk..tsk..tsk… I’m certainly entitled to look.
red pants

But… There is a price that we pay for brazenly looking at tiny hiney…

save the whale

Ain’t Karma Grand?

And Speaking Of Hiney’s… How About Some Hiney Wine?

The Hiney Winery Of Walla Walla, Washington 

Yes.. It’s real… And quite good too.

Hiney Wine

big red hineytiny hineyfine white hiney

There’s BIG RED HINEY and TINY HINEY… And Even Some FINE WHITE HINEY… And You can get ‘em HERE at Skylite Cellars

I’ve Seen These Faces… In My Nightmares…

Evil Cats

Cats… Revenge Is Sweet…

surprised cat

WTF?!!?.. That’s Just Downright Nasty!

Is There No End To How Ridiculously Stupid People Can Be?… I Guess If There Was… There’d Be No Need For This Blog.

Just nasty