In Memory Of Luke… 2002-2008 – R.I.P.

Today we buried our Alpha Male English Mastiff… Luke… Luke SkyWalker that is.

Luke was a massive Mastiff… close to 200lbs in his prime.  Big, slobbery, goofy, clumsy, sweet, lovable, snore like an earthquake Luke.

Luke’s snore could wake the dead… And he slept like the dead… Usually in the middle of the hallway… But you always took a chance if you wanted to be considerate and step over him in the middle of the night…. ‘Cause, if he woke up… You were going for a ride.  One night he took Mrs. FourEyes about halfway down the hall before she could manage a dismount.

Looking at Luke face on could be a terrifying experience if you weren’t real familiar with him … He looked like he’d definitely eat you.  Trouble was… Luke just wanted to be patted on that huge block head… He never quite perfected the “Hi, I’m Cute…Wanna Pet Me?” look.

# 2 son named him after his favorite character when he was 7… He picked Luke out of a pile of 8 puppies.  I didn’t like his choice.  But Luke soon proved me dead wrong… He grew into a great hulking beast with the personality of a bunny rabbit.  Lovable doesn’t even begin to describe this dog.  The only time Luke ever took advantage of his size was when he was bulldozing his way through 600 pounds of hound to Bogart the lion’s share of affection.

Luke leaves us with his magnificent son, Daeng.  Who displays lots of his dad’s traits.  I predict Luke’s line will be long and strong.