A Snow Sculpture Tribute To 9/11

9_11 Snow sculpture

Lipstick On A Pig… America’s Descent Into Idiocracy…

The newsies all wring their hands and tsk..tsk..tsk about how ridiculous this lipstick on a pig brouhaha is… But they play it up over and over again.

Pig Lipstick

CNN…MSNBC…FOX…ABC…CBS…The friggin BBC for cryin’ out loud!

“Did he?…or Did he not?!?”… More after these messages!

Pig Lipstick1

And the call-ins!.. OMG!! People have worked themselves into a tizzy on both sides of the issue.

Are the people of the United States Of America so dense that they’d buy into the same simplistic, jingoistic… “let’s find somebody to hate ” … drivel that allowed a bunch of juvenile, sociopathic, yet psychologically astute nutjobs to hijack the country’s common sense and wreck the economy … Instigate a war on the wrong country and target the constitution for malicious overhaul?

Pig Lipstick2

I’m pretty much convinced that the stress of worrying over all of the economic stresses (and trying to figure out how much liquid you can carry onto your flight.) has turned the average American brain to mush.

We’ve heard more about Palin and Pigs in the past two weeks than we’ve heard about the 12 or so banks that have failed…Or the Fannie and Freddy debacle. We’re talking Trillions of dollars that the taxpayers are going to be taking responsibility for… And the number one story is about whether or not someone insinuated whether someone else is a pig… For crying out loud!… I’ve heard Ms. Palin called a hell of a lot worse by a whole bunch of people. And I still don’t care. The woman self described as a Pit Bull witth lipstick for Pete’s sake!

Pit Bull with Lipstick

Could it be that someone really…and I mean REALLY doesn’t want us thinking about the economy? Does someone think that we’re really so infantile in our thinking that we’ll forget our mortgage companies and fuel tanks?!? Apparently … The answer is yes.

And if we are.. Do we deserve to be shafted, screwed, skunked, skewered and shylocked? Do we deserve to have the movie Idiocracy become prophetic?


dog humps pig