Betcha This Pit Bull Would Rather Be Wearing Lipstick…

Dog Meets porcupine

“Porcupines Is No Fun”

Extreme Paparazzi… They’ll Do Anything To Get The Shot…

extreme paparazzi

This Is What He’s Trying To Take A Pic Of…

squirrel split

Some States Require A Passport To Vote?!?!.. This Is Nuts!

From Newsweek…

In Crawford, Indiana…the court upheld an Indiana law essentially requiring a passport or driver’s license in order to vote. But more than two thirds of Indiana adults have no passports and nearly 15 percent have no driver’s licenses. These eligible voters, disproportionately African-American, will need to take a bus or catch a ride from a friend down to the motor vehicles bureau to make sure they obtain a nondriver photo ID. Otherwise, they cannot vote in Indiana this year.

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Somebody Call OSHA!

dangerous workers

Dangers To You And Your Computer… Hackers…Spam And Murder…

Anti Spam Law Overturned… Spammer Let Loose

 Fake YouTube Video Maker Lets Hackers Into Your Computer

Fake Antispyware Maker Now A Domain Registrar 

This Guy Runs A Company That Will Steal Your Information

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Computers Are Remote Controlled By Gangs… Is Yours One Of Them?

FBI Says People Are Getting Emails That Claim To Be From A Hit Man… He Wants Money To Let You Live. 

Another Fine “Just In Time” Pic…

watermelon boobs