Today’s Insult – Celebrity Style

In 1998… When Roseanne Barr and Tom Arnold were divorcing, and were fighting a war of words in the press… Roseanne said something about Tom having a small penis, Tom responded thusly:

“Even a 747 would look small if it was landing in the Grand Canyon.”

Rectal Foreign Bodies… It’s Amazing What People Can Get Up There…

Rectal Foreign Bodies

Object                             Number Recovered

Glass or ceramic
   Bottle or jar                       32
   Bottle with attached rope            1
   Glass or cup                        12
   Light bulb                           7
   Tube                                 6
   Apple                                1
   Banana                               2
   Carrot                               4
   Cucumber                             3
   Onion                                2
   Parsnip                              1
   Plantain (with condom)               1
   Potato                                1
   Salami                               1
   Turnip                                1
   Zucchini                             2
   Ax handle                                   1
   Stick or broom handle                 10
   Miscellaneous or unspecified         3
Sexual Device
   Vibrator                             23*
   Dildo                                 15
Kitchen device
   Dull knife                                  1
   Ice pick                                    1
   Knife sharpener                        1
   Mortar pestle                            2
   Spatula (plastic)                       1
   Spoon                                     1
   Tin cup                                    1
Miscellaneous tools
  Candle                            1
   Curling Iron		            1
   Flashlight                         3
   Iron rod                           1
   Pen                                  2
   Rubber tube                      1
   Screwdriver                      1
   Toothbrush                           1

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Judge Judy Rips eBay Scammer A New One!


This really despicable chick posted an eBay auction for two cellphones, with a complete, detailed description of the items, except at the bottom she added in fine print “For photo only.” A woman and her daughter won the auction for about $450 and were mailed two printer copy images of the phones the phones they thought they were purchasing. They contacted the seller, who laughed at them and told them to take them to court, and then thanked them for the shopping spree. Unbelievable, right? See It HERE