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The iPhone And iPod Touch Are Just The Beginning…

Perceptive Pixel is a startup founded by Jeff Han. Working all but alone from his hardware-strewn office, Jeff Han is about to change the face of computing. Not even the big boys are likely to catch him. Jeff Han and Phil Davidson shows how a multi-touch computer screen will change the way we work (and play).


Want To Really Catch Bin Laden? This Guy Has The Right Idea.

Courtesy of Paul Abrams @ HuffingtonPost

What if we changed the game completely? Instead of a single bounty on their heads, we offer the 3 million people of the region 3 years of income (i.e., $2400/person) or $7.2B, about 2-3 weeks of operations in Iraq. Large families of 20 people, therefore, would wind up with $48,000, a huge sum in Pakistan. Means for distributing the money would have to be established, and systems to prevent a flood on the market would need to be considered. Aggregating the sums further on a village level would provide the people opportunities to improve the material parts of their lives substantially.

In order to ensure the military was on the same page, we could offer $5000 per soldier, costing us another $5B, so the total cost of this program would be about a month’s worth of Iraq spending. READ MORE