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Buddhist Monks With Guns & Women… Shocking!!!


I showed these pictures to my wife who is a lifelong Buddhist… The shock and revulsion on her face said it all. Picture your parish priest or your local pastor or your imam or your rabbi or whatever you call your local religious ecclesiastic doing the same. Well… Maybe your pastor or rabbi might get away with the consorting with women part… And a priest might try a bit of naughtiness with a choirboy or two… But the guns?!? Even your most rabid Islamo radical taliban clerics are a bit shy when it comes to posing with this kind of hardware… Try finding a pic of any ayatollah where he’s packing heat.

Buddhist monks are sworn to a life of celibacy, poverty and non-violence… These monks are from China where the government has a big say on who can and cannot become a monk. In fact… The Chinese government is embarking on a plan to influence the succession of the Dalai Lama by appointment rather than by the centuries old method of reincarnation… This has prompted the current Dalai Lama to consider naming his successor before he dies in order to sidestep interference from the Chinese government.




I googled “Priests with Guns” and these are the only images available…



russian orto priest

Apparently it’s unfathomable outside of fantasy for western “Men of God” to tote assault weapons. And while I’m sure there’s a rabbi or two walking around in Israel toting an Uzi due to the laws regarding military service… You sure won’t find any pictures anywhere.

Although on a lighter note… this one was an interesting take:


Back to the point though… I wonder where the world is headed if the people that are traditionally among the gentlest and most respectful of life are taking assault weapon training.