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Let the world know what you’ll be doing to teach others about godlessness or to learn about it yourself! What will you be doing on November 15th, 2007 to live as if there is no god–to live as if there only exists the kindness of self and others to get you through your day?

We at THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT want to help you learn and be happy and to live every day to its fullest potential. Let us know how we can help!

Reserve your tickets for the party in NYC or make a donation for reason! If you can not attend the party, you can still help make REASON a REALITY!


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10 World Famous Sandwiches – Of These 10…. I’ve Only Ever Had Big Boy And Casper’s

The other 9 will have to go on the list of Places To Eat

Maybe You’ve Had A Few Of These

big boy


Yankee Stadium

This Is Simply The Coolest (and functional) Staircase I’ve Ever Seen

It’s not fancy… But it just makes sense! Why is this not standard issue in every house?!? Why was this not thought about from day one? Why can’t I have one?!?

Oh yeah… One story house.


See more cool staircases at DeputyDog

Happy 232nd Birthday To The U.S. Marine Corps – 11/10/2007


While I may not agree with their current mission… I’m well aware that these are the first guys who will defend my right to say so… And they’ll defend it to the death too!

This is a touching tribute to all Marines past and present… If you know one or know of one… See to it that they or their’s sees this…

Happy 232nd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

The Most Bizarre Musical Instrument On Earth… Well… Almost

Deputydog has a pretty cool post showing how the Japanese at least have fun spending their tax dollars… The Melody Road… I wouldn’t mind half of the roadwork being done in my neck of the woods if I knew that I’d at least have some fun with it afterwards.

Check it out HERE songroad1

However… My Vote still goes to The Sea Organ The Sea Organ

Compare the sounds of the two…

The Sea Organ  —–  The Melody Road