15 cool word illusions

Name the color


Say aloud the ink color of each word. How quickly can you do it? Did you slow down?


The next one is a really cool wedding card. When the card is closed, you’ll see the name of the bride. When opened, the name of the groom will appear. Can you discover the names of the newly weds?

Names on a wedding card


This one is pretty strange. Just look at the words below. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? Now sit back and try to read the text. The text will explain itself.

First and last only matter


What do you read here? Most people will read evil, but some will see the good in life at the first time.

Good or evil


Somewhat simular to the previous illusion. When you don’t see the womans reflection in the mirror, you’ll read hate. But when you see her reflection, you’ll see her true self.

Hate or love


No sex

Me and You

Optical Illusion

Paris Springtime


Did you read I love Paris in the springtime? If so, you’re wrong. Look again and check what is really spelled.

Teach or Learn

Dead or Alive

Peace or War

Threat or Pretext

Tiranny or Freedom