Heard Of Cuil?… Tried It Yet?… Like It?

I’ve tried this new search engine …Cuil for 2 days and it claims to be better than Google.

Well… I beg to differ. Their first mortal sin is that they can’t locate LCO… They can find it through all the blog listers and rankers…. But… They can’t find LosCuatroOjos.com itself… Nowhere!… Not even when the url is entered directly.

I’m not saying that LCO is the most important site on the web (well…it is to me!)..But all…and I mean all of the other search engines can find us.

We’ll give ‘em a few weeks to get their crawlers out.

In the meantime… Give us your opinion.

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  1. By nannygoats, August 2, 2008 @ 12:38 am

    I did the same thing!

    And got the same results!

    But that was Monday, maybe it’s improved?

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