Isaac Hayes – 1942-2008… R.I.P.

Issac Hayes

So many people are remembering this man as a cartoon voice actor… But anyone who lived through the 1970′s will know him as a music master of unparalleled talent… An awful lot of today’s musicians owe their sound and style to him… “Hot Buttered Soul” and “To Be Continued” were prizes of my album collection and are sitting in their own playlists in my iTunes collection.


This Is What “Rap Music” Means To Me…. From Waaaay Before What Is Called Rap Today… 1971

And If You’d Like To Hear “What Ike’s Rap” continues into… Here It Is…

Isaac Hayes – Our Day Will Come
Found at bee mp3 search engine

Here’s “Walk On By” From 1969…

If All You Know Of Issac Hayes is His Voice From “South Park” and The Theme From “Shaft”… You Need To Go HERE

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