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This article on HuffPo speaks pretty closely to what’s going on over in the old Soviet territories… The comments are intelligent and insightful too.


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As far as America is concerned, much depends on “what do you want, and how badly do you want it?”

Right now, America seems to be content with paper-wealth in the hands of the few. As Russia and other countries well know, “this is no substitute for oil in the ground.” You can literally-print a million of your “Dollars” every minute around the clock (as America does do!), but this is no substitute for oil in the ground. It is also no substitute for a functioning, well-equipped factory on your own soil, producing your own goods from your own natural resources. Welfare, by any form or device, is no substitute for employment. Credit is no substitute for production and surplus.

Breakup of the Soviet Union was inevitable, because it wasn’t a “Union” to begin with. But the re-separation of that alliance back into its component parts should not be confused with the concurrent decision to abandon America’s cold-war. Wisely, one by one, other nations have realized that this only amounts to throwing good money down the toilet. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower told us the same thing but we haven’t listened to him or his ghost yet.

Maybe we should. Are we “happy?” Are we “strong?” Are we “secure?” Did the path we have taken in the last 60-odd years go in the “right” way? If the answer to all these is “no,” then what exactly are we waiting for?

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