They Even Have To Drag the Kids Into Their Madness!

Publisher aims to teach kids right from left

A Torrance executive says he sees too many children’s books with liberal views. His titles aim to tilt the shelves the other way.


PUBLISHING executive Eric Jackson’s first foray into children’s books was a cartoon tale of two brothers and a lemonade stand.

Hoping to earn money for a swing set, young Tommy and Lou squeeze lemons until their little hands ache. But they are thwarted by broccoli-pushing, camera-hogging, Jesus-hating liberals who pile on taxes and regulations and drive the boys out of business.

The book, “Help! Mom! There Are Liberals Under My Bed!,” came out two years ago. Jackson said it sold nearly 30,000 copies, which in the publishing world made it a bona fide hit. That success reinforced Jackson’s view that the nation’s bookshelves had tilted way too far left and that a correction was in order.

Kindergartners these days can leaf through a picture book promoting the virtues of medical marijuana. They can read a fairy tale about two princes who get married — to each other.

But where are the children’s books denouncing affirmative action? The fairy tales promoting gun rights? (MORE)


When in Doubt — Go After That Teletubby Again!

See my Rant of May 28th 2007

Tinky Winky… Dipsy…. Lala… Po…

The song goes through my head, over and over again. My oldest son watched the Teletubbies and loved them. Still loves them, I found out recently. I should say, (He) has learned to appreciate them on a different level. I found out after he told me he at a sleepover with his pal, they were watching Teletubbies at 1AM.”Mom. They are so goofy! ”

“What were you doing up at 1AM?”

Clearly, I don’t have a sense of humor. I wasn’t worried about Tinky Winky teaching my son to carry a red purse. I was worried about what parental supervision was happening at 1AM at the friend’s house.

Recently, Ewa Sowinska, a senior official in the Polish Government ordered– yup, ordered– psychologists to “investigate whether the popular BBC TV show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual lifestyle.” She noticed Tinky was carrying “a woman’s handbag.”

The Polish government is now spending serious money investigating a large purple character carrying a red purse. Send me the check. I can alleviate Ms. Sowinska’s worries — no gay man would ever wear a red purse with a purple frock. I mean… does it match? Not really. And if Tinky was gay? The bag would be a designer bag and there would be shoes to match. (MORE)

CEO’s and Slaves

According to a just-reported study by Carola Frydman of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Raven E. Saks at the Federal Reserve, thirty to forty years ago, the CEOs of major companies earned 80 percent more, on average, than the third-highest-paid executives. By the early part of the twenty-first century, however, the gap between the CEO and the third in command had ballooned up to 260 percent.

Now take a look at what’s happening at the very bottom of the economic spectrum, where you might have pictured low-wage workers trudging between food banks or mendicants dwelling in cardboard boxes. It turns out, though, that the bottom is a lot lower than that. On May 16, a millionaire couple in a woodsy Long Island suburb was charged with keeping two Indonesian domestics as slaves for five years, during which the women were paid $100 a month, fed very little, forced to sleep on mats on the floor and subjected to beatings, cigarette burns and other torments. (MORE)

India’s Street Dentists

I wonder if they take my insurance?



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