Insults of the Day

Looking at some people… Darwin would NOT be pleased to see how inefficiently evolution sometimes works. – Me
Maybe you wouldn’t be such a Jerk-In-The-Box if you weren’t intellectually slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through a vat of chunky peanut butter – Bobby

You have a face that people rub tree branches on to make ugly sticks. – anonymous

My View on Immigration…Illegal and Otherwise

My opinion is never humble…So I expect that more than a few people will find themselves offended… Tough.

With all of the babbling and blustering and bullshitting we’re subjected to regarding the effects that immigration and immigrants are having on the USA… No politician or pundit seems to have the balls or the good sense to say what truly needs to be said.


We’re not going to send away 12 million people and split up families and wreck the economy… So get over it all of you “hard liners”. They’re here… Some of ‘em are queer… get used to it. But… there is something we can do to close the borders and thereby kill two birds with one stone. We can staunch the hemorrhaging of jobs and maybe reinvigorate wages while at the same time providing a “real” deterrence to the potential terrorists that for the life of me I can’t figure out why they haven’t walked a big one across the desert yet… I assume that they haven’t been able to get their grubby little hands on one yet.

But… Sooner or later they will get their hands on something… chemical, biological or nuclear… And I’ll bet you a bundle that the conversation in the caves of northern Pakistan will go something like this… ” Osama…Look at the news… They have thousands per day that walk across from Mexico and they barely pay attention!” … “And look at all of the drugs and such that get in with no problems”… “Forget the container through the port”… “We’ll pay some smuggler a few grand and pick the city we want the “package” and the people dropped off in.” Honestly… How hard do you suppose it is to get into Mexico?

San Diego, L.A., Vegas, Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio… Ouch!… Pick any one… that’s gonna hurt. And these are just the cities within a day’s drive of the border. Then… A six pack of Red Bull puts you in San Francisco, Salt Lake City or Denver. Seems to me that our politicians aren’t very serious about saving our hides if they’re allowing the border patrol to be recruited for service in Iraq.

So… What to do?… Shoot em of course! A simple policy change with a 30 or 60 day warning period … Well publicized of course… That after a date certain… The hard and fast rule is:


No warning… No amnesty… No quarter… If you are observed crossing a U.S. border… any U.S. border at other than an established crossing point… The military and Border Patrol’s standing orders are to shoot you. Plain and simple… on sight.

The borders will be heavily posted in several languages warning of this particular consequence. Bodies will be tallied… photographed, DNA samples taken and then immediately cremated. Done.
I expect that 90 days after implementation… The border will be a lonely place indeed.

Shooting at the border is standard practice in many countries for illegal entrants… So the U.N and other “civilized” folks can argue the point all they want. In fact… We should pull any “funding” that we can to make this a reality from aid to and tariffs on goods from the countries that scream the loudest. And if Mexico squawks about it’s citizens… Let’s put a healthy tax on any funds being wired into central america. That should in itself fund plenty of infrastructure and personnel to get the job done since over $30 billion per year is sent out.

So… Does this make me a Nazi?… a Fascist?… a proponent of Volksgemeinschaft? … No.

Well… Maybe a modified version of that last one.  But what I definitely am… is a concerned citizen of a border city with young children at home and another young one entering the work force who is of draft age. We should be asking our esteemed politicians what they think about this before we give up our much coveted votes. We should be demanding to know why… If National Security is such a big deal and our nation is under imminent attack by bloodthirsty terrorists who “hate us because we’re free”. Why …oh why… are we not protecting our home? I know I (and a lot of other Americans) have got the right to shoot an intruder in my house if I fear for my life… Is this any different?