Live Earth… Tipping Point?

I spent a lot of hours yesterday watching several TV channels and a couple of webcast of the Live Earth events… I originally thought that I was getting a great concert fix… But it slowly dawned on me that I was becoming more “involved” than I’d expected.

I kept hearing about 2 billion people all watching at the same time and there being hope for a “tipping point”… where enough people would begin to think the same and be able to overcome the inertia that is causing us to be a cancer on this old planet of ours… Well… I’ve got the Tipping Point book around here somewheres… but I haven’t read it. But… I built nuclear reactors in my youth… And I have a pretty good understanding of “critical mass”… So maybe Al Gore is onto something.

If enough people begin to think and act a certain way regarding how they look at purchases and energy usage… It becomes part of the culture and the “powers that be” either react to it or cease to be considered relevant. This is a much more effective way of effecting change than waiting for the entrenched politicians and industrialists to get things right.

I heard some talking heads screeching about how Live Earth ws such a waste of time due to the fact that “no one” was “benefitting directly” from donations and such. Seems to me that these were the same people that harken back to the good old days when the 1950′s ideal was the main. I think I actually saw fear in the eyes of and sensed panic in the voices of some of these folks.

Why… I wonder… Is change so much a vehicle for fear in some people? Outside of the money and power issues I mean? What is it that that makes people that live on the same street move to polar opposites when it comes to the very same climate change that will affect both of them? It seems inconceivable to me that other than for fear for investments and finances that any thinking human being could deny to themselves and others the hard science that points to global climate change. Now … I know that there is a certain segment of the population has no compunction about letting themselves be duped into parroting “talking points” a la Limbaugh and O’rielly… But since these people are inclined to be followers and conformists… I suspect that if critical mass is achieved regarding the environment… They will eventually go along for fear of being “outside” the herd.





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