Pakistani Nukes On The Loose… But We’ll Bomb The Snot Out Of Iran Anyway.

Oh yeah… Let’s set the mideast on fire by going after Iran who as of this year… have zero… none… zilch nukes. While we allow our “ally” to steal his government and hang on by the skin of his teeth while his country shelters Osama and Friends. And Pakistan with a proven nuke capability plus the means to deliver the things… Lord Vader and Bonzo Cheney and Bush are apparently smoking a large percentage of the weed that gets confiscated at the AZ border.

The excerpt from the Washington Post.

“Of the world’s nine declared and undeclared nuclear arsenals, none provokes as much worry in Washington as Pakistan’s, numerous U.S. officials said. The government in Islamabad is arguably the least stable. Some Pakistani territory is partly controlled by insurgents bent on committing hostile acts of terrorism in the West. And officials close to the seat of power — such as nuclear engineer A.Q. Khan and his past collaborators in the Pakistani military — have a worrisome track record of transferring sensitive nuclear designs or technology to others.

That record, and the counter terror prism of U.S. policymaking since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have led the Bush administration to worry less that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal might be used in a horrific war with India than that it could become a security threat to the U.S. homeland in the event of any theft or diversion to terrorist groups.

“We can’t say with absolute certainty that we know where they all are,” said a former U.S. official who closely tracked the security upgrades. If an attempt were made by the United States to seize the weapons to prevent their loss, “it could be very messy,” the official said. ” (READ MORE)

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