The Air Fueled Car Comes To North America… At 106 MPG @ 96 MPH… I’ll Get Rid Of Two Gas Burners For One Of These!

I posted about these cars back on January 8th 2008 … They were in France Then… Now they’re Coming to North America.


If the Oil Companies and Detroit don’t screw them… These Things Will Sell Like Hotcakes!

How Do I Get an Air Car?… Click HERE

ZPM will begin taking reservations in early 2008 for US deliveries of the Air Car in early 2010. To take reservations we will launch a new networking website that will build community around the much anticipated introduction of the Air Car to the US market.


Vehicle Specifications

Length – 13.4 ft
Width – 5.97 ft
Height – 5.74 ft
Seating – 6 seats
Trunk volume – 35 cubic ft
Weight – 1874 lbs
Engine – 6 Cyl.
Power – 75 hp
Max Speed – 96 mph*
Mileage – 106 mpg*
Range – 848 miles (8 gal tank) *
Co2 – 0.158 lbs/mile (at speeds >35mph; zero emissions at <35mph)

Competitive Price

We estimate the cost of purchasing a six-seater, 75hp Air Car will be approximately $17,800, proving that buying “green” doesn’t have to cost more. Not only is the price amazingly affordable, but it will cost you up to five times less in fuel consumption than an equivalent gasoline powered car. The Air Car is a totally new breed of cars entirely conceived to achieve low prices:

Ingenious design. The car’s modular, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques simplify manufacture.

No dealer’s = no middleman costs. In our business model, your Air Car is delivered to you directly from the local/regional factory, eliminating any dealer mark-up and shipping costs.

Low fuel costs. You can get an equivalent of 106 MPG. It can cost as little as $2 to refill your tank with air.

Simple maintenance. All parts will be supplied by the manufacturer to a network of licensed repair shops that will simply replace defective parts. It is easy, fast and first class since all parts are new.

Reduced maintenance anyway. The Air Car requires no cooling circuit and uses no hot gases.

No combustion = no residues. An oil change is only necessary every 31,000 miles!


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