Another WTF?!? Moment… Does He Actually Have His Back Against That Post?!?!

 There Is No Doubt In My Mind That He’s Got Enough Kids To Fill Up The Back Of That Truck!!!~

Truck tilter

My Grandmother says…” The Good Lord Looks After Drunks…Fools and Children”.. I Say… “Why?!?!”

“Mom… Dad… I Got Suspended Today…”

surprise splash

Print Your Own Solar Cells On An Inkjet Printer…

“I am a big fan of solar cells and using them for a greener home, but we all know that investments to get solar energy are usually spicy and not everyone can afford. There is a solution though. Konarka Technologies, a company that builds low cost sources of renewable power affordable and universally available thinks we can print our own solar cells using an inkjet printer.”  from Alex Ion at –

Read More HERE and HERE

printed solar cells

No Lie!!!…”The Potholes In My Part Of Town Are So Deep…”

fishin hole

Hey!.. Wanna Split A Taxi?…

crowded trucks

This Is Wrong…Cruel… Unfeeling… Debasing…etc..etc..etc…But…I Am Amused…

big girl rider

I Like This One!!

Magic Smoke From Your Fingertips.Click here for more amazing videos

Pretty Cool Popper… Don’t Know If This Works… Yet… Try At Your Own Risk!!

Easy To Make And Very Loud Cool BangerFunny blooper videos are here