Clinton-Obama… Barack-Hillary… How About A Clinbama?… Or A Barlary?


Somebody Took A Mac Mini And Modded It Into A Mini Mac Pro… COOL!!!!

I Want One!!!!

mini mac pro1mini mac pro2

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A Mazda 3 What?!?

pi car1

pi car2

The Economy Is Crashing Down All Around Us And What News Do We Get?… Spitzer!!

One of the biggest… Most feared investment banks on earth went broke last week… Bear Stearns’ stock was at $170 a share one year ago… They were brought out for $2 a share today. That’s $236 million for a company that the Fed just spent $2.3 BILLION to bail out last Friday!

Did I miss something?… Didn’t We… The citizens of the USA just buy that company?!? Who?!?! What?!?! WHY!?!! Where?!?! When!!?!

Hey FourEyes!.. Shut up!… We gotta find out if Spitzer’s wife is leaving him!

see no evil

Arianna Huffington puts it rather succinctly in her Sunday Round Up:

“A lot of important things happened this week (Spitzer!). Bear Stearns needed a bailout from the Fed (Kristen!). Oil hit a record $111 a barrel (Emperor’s Club VIP!). CentCom chief Adm. William Fallon resigned over differences with the White House on Iran and Iraq (Client #9!). Barack Obama won Mississippi ($5,500 an hour!). The Vatican released a list of “new sins,” including cloning and pollution (he likes things “you might not think are safe”!). Provocative comments from Geraldine Ferraro and Rev. Jeremiah Wright roiled the Democratic race (She’s got a MySpace page! With pictures!! And music!!!). Gen. Petraeus decried the Iraqi government’s lack of “sufficient progress” (Poor Silda!). What, you missed all of that? I can’t imagine why… “

 Well… At Least They Didn’t Haul Out OJ Again… But MSNBC Did Do An Interview With Charlie Manson… I admit… I did take a little break and watch some of that one!

Something Got Lost In Translation…

multiple be fruitful