My Son’s New Car… I’m So Proud Of Him!

Twin Car

Wanna See Who Bear-Stearns Is Connected To?… Wanna See Why It’s So Damn Terrifying If They Fall?



If You’re running Windows and IE…. You can see these Interactively…


Don’t bother if you don’t have Explorer on Windows.

A Girl’s Guide to Geek Guys…Go Get One Girlz!.. Guys?… Are You One?

By Mikki Halpin and Victoria Maat:

“So, your crush on the bass player from Vibrating Sandbox has finally died a whimpering death and you’re wondering where to go from here. All the sinister dudes are either dating a series of interchangeable high-school riot girls in baby doll dresses and an overdose of manic panic, or permanently shacked up with some bitter old lady who pays all the bills. Which will it be, a wifely prison or a humiliating one night stand? Into this void of potential mates comes a man you may not have considered before, a man of substance, quietude and stability, a cerebral creature with a culture all his own. In short, a geek…”

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Which Geek Are You?

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geek poster

I’m a combo of these two…

apple geekgadget geek

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Well Timed Photography… Or… The Last Peaceful Moment…

water freeze throw

Which Of These Pics Best Describes The Economy?

head in asscrash

big fish

beach cras

good luck

This one works for me….

sinking ship

My Wife …PMS Day # 4…

pms day 4

She thinks not talking to me hurts… HA!!!! 

Those Vitamins We Got Auntie Have Kicked In…


Auntie’s Story Still Gets Lots Of Hits…

Ah, Ahnold.. How The Mighty Have Fallen…


1982 2007

Xandir Hasn’t Aged Well Since Drawn Together Was Cancelled…

old xandirxandir

xandir craig He’s Currently Available For Private Gigs…