New Photos Of The Hiroshima Atomic Bombing Aftermath… Very Graphic.

These 10 Pictures were taken by an unknown Japanese photographer and were found in 1945 among rolls of undeveloped film in a cave outside Hiroshima by U.S. serviceman Robert L. Capp, who was attached to the occupation forces… Unlike most photos of the Hiroshima bombing, these dramatically convey the human as well as material destruction unleashed by the atomic bomb and were apparently taken very shortly after the bomb was dropped.






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“I came across these will research my recent book on the bomb, Atomic Tragedy,” he tells DANGER ROOM. “They were found in a cave outside Hiroshima by a U.S. serviceman who was part of the occupation forces. We have no information about who took the photos, what became of him/her, or why the photos ended up in a cave. The serviceman held onto to them in his personal collection until 1998, when he donated them to the Hoover Archives [at Stanford University] with the provision that they not be reproduced until 2008. I included three of these photos in my book, but I wanted to make them all publicly available.”

I Guess It’s Time To Do Some Yardwork*…

Not really my yard*

I let It Go a Little Too Far Last Year*…

*not really my yard

I Don’t Want To Be Singled Out Like This Lady…. 

A WOMAN has been evicted for letting weeds and brambles in her garden grow so high they can be seen from space on Google Earth.

weeds from space

weeds from space1

View from above … satellite picture

*Mama says if I don’t put up this disclaimer that none of these are pics of my yard… My life will not be worth 10 pennies.

Nice Guns… Can You Tell Which Is Real And Which Is Fake?

Hello Kitty Has Graduated To Guns

toy gun

hello kitty AK47

hello kitty Shotgun

kitty rifle


hello kitty assault riflle

hello kitty xm8

cell phone guncellphone gun1


stun gun phonecellphone stun

The Top Pistol Is The Only Fake Gun Shown… Read More HERE and HERE and HERE

The other cell phones are stun guns

See a video of the Cell Phone Gun In Action