3 Year Old Tosses Family Savings Out 17th Floor Window…

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baby money

A Chinese couple are distraught after their three year old daughter threw their savings out of the window of their 17th floor flat.

The little girl threw the equivalent of $1300 out of the window of their rented apartment in Shenzen while her parents were asleep.

“When I woke up, she wasn’t beside me, and my purse was on the bed, open, and with a thick wad of money missing,” said the mother, Mrs. Huang.

Mrs Huang says she immediately asked her daughter what had happened, but the girl said she didn’t know.

“I looked everywhere, then I noticed there were two notes on the windowsill, and another two on the window sill one floor down,” she added.

The owner of a restaurant on the first floor of the building told her that money had been raining down on to the street, and that passers-by had gone crazy trying to catch it.

Mrs Huang said she spent the whole day in tears as $800 of the money had belonged to other people.

“We’re now hoping for magic, and that the people with our money will bring it back,” she said.

The parents have now installed wire mesh on all of their windows, reports Southern Metropolis News.

Looks Like Sombody Tried To Cross A Tomato With A Cow…

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What?!?.. You Think I Can’t See What You’re Up To?!?

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Mad Cabbie Is Speaking His Mind…

When the story of the disgraced New York’s ex governor Eliot Spitzer broke I wasn’t surprised at all. It’s not that I knew about his rendezvous with high priced hookers, but it’s due to my long experience of driving hookers to men with and without power. Let me break it down for you ladies, if you have been together with your man for over ten years or so there is a 99% chance that your hubby had cheated on you, the other 1% lied their asses off. You need to be equipped with a dick to understand this concept. So the relationship between married clean cut powerful men and hookers, high priced or otherwise is a no shocking matter.

It seems that this all comes down to…


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Fight For Kisses… Hilarious!

Fuk Luk Sau: Health,Wealth,Happiness

Fuk Luk Sau

Fuk Luk Sau, commonly referred to as the Gods of Blessings, Prosperity and Longevity are one of the most popular gods/deities in Chinese history. There are countless legends of the Fuk Luk Sau aiding and bestowing kindness on worthy mortals throughout the lands. Technically, they were originally astrological stars (hence the original name of Fuk Luk Sau were the Three Star Gods) which showed the traditional culture of the Chinese people who long for: happiness, prosperity and longevity.

Fuk is the deity of wealth and prosperity. He is represented wearing a red robe and his place is on the right of Luk. Fuk would help you improving your income and being wealthy, as well as it would attract prosperity for all those who live in the house or space where it is placed.

The deity named Sau symbolizes longevity and is represented carrying nectar in a bottle. Luk is the deity which stands in the center and symbolizes power and authority. Together, Fuk, Luk and Sau are a very strong power which attracts wealth, health and prosperity all together.

There are some feng shui guidelines that tell what the best place for Fuk Luk Sau to be is. According to those guidelines, Fuk Luk Sau should be placed at the dinning room or the living room. Besides, it is important that they are placed on a high table, never on a low one. They are also ideal to be placed at a person’s back, giving protection and support. This is ideal, for example, for placing them in the car at the back window, since it would bring you security and protection while driving.

Any Job Can Be Fun… It’s All In How You Look At It…

whistle while you work

Two Sides Of The Same Coin…

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Alf Is Eating Barbecued Rat In Thailand… Yum!

Our Friends Alf and Watcharee are on the move in Thailand and stopped off to pick up a snack of BBQ ribs and rat… Looks like a really nice feast!

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