Looks Like Lord Vader Was Holding Out On Us…

Dude!!  Clone Me A Couple!! female trooper2

female trooper1

female trooper3

female trooper4

I Need A New Cat Carrier For Sure…

cat carrier

Teletubbies… Bringin’ The Funk

I’ve Gladly Spent The Night With The Green Fairy… I Think I’ll Pass On The Purple Fairy.

Purple Fairy

Keep ‘Em Rollin’… You Think The Driver Even Knows?

highway safety

Never Though Of It That Way… Frogs… We Need ‘Em…

extinct frogs

Dennis Rodman’s Latest “Look”

dennis rodman

And You Think It’s Irritating When Your Kids Bust In On You…

cock blocking elephant

Food vs. Edible Foodlike Substances…

Michael Pollan points out that companies make less money on “Real” food as opposed to the high prices manufacturers are asking for highly processed “Edible Foodlike Substances”.

  • Point: Edible Foodlike Substances costs more than Real food.

rolled oats$1.99 for 1 pound of rolled oats.

cheerios $4.00 for 12 ounces of Cheerios

He Also Says A Good Rule Of Thumb Is:

  • Don’t eat anything that doesn’t rot…



He likes to show off a pack of Twinkies that he bought in 2000… Still edible.


  • Don’t Eat Anything Your Great Grandma Wouldn’t Immediately Recognize As Food.


pancakes on a stick

For Those Of You That Disagree… There’s THIS