The Difference Between Hawaii And Kentucky…



No Wonder Antarctica Is Melting!

world map

I Can’t Recall Ever Wanting To Do This In Or Out Of A Suit…

criketeer suit

Next Time You’re In Finland… Try These Muffins… And Bring Me Some!


This Will Go With Your Muffins…

cock soup

They’re Taking This Boob Job Thing Too Far… Way Too Much Of A Good Thing…

too many boobies

Out Of The Mouths Of Drunks…

  1. “People tell me, ‘Oh, you just drink to escape your problems.’ Well, no shit. I’d eat rat heads if it let me ditch my problems.”
  2. “That jerk is the ugliest, smelliest, assholiest fuck-face on the planet. I would never sleep with him again.”
  3. “Alcoholism is the only disease they yell at you for having.” 
  4. “I don’t hide inside the bottle. The bottle hides inside me.” 
  5. “A hangover is just Beer’s way of reminding you you shouldn’t have stopped.”
  6. “If you want something you’ll have to speak up.  I can understand Drunk all day long but I’m not fluent in Shit Head.”
  7. “You better stop drinking because you’re getting blurry.”
  8. “I’m afraid of three things: Women, snakes, and the police. They all have the ability to hurt me and make it look like it was my fault.”
  9.  “If you want to drink all day, you gotta start early.”
  10. “Let’s drink ‘til we can’t feel feelings anymore.”

Now That’s What I Call Irony!

 Do You Think Ol’ FuzzNutts Is Gonna Refuse Service?

KKK irony

For People Who Could Be Blamelessly Slacking Off… They Seem Pretty Concerned With Saving A Person Who Would Sooner See Them Dead … I Would Love To Interview Him Today…

Hiroshima – One Wish – 1986

Hiroshima – One Wish
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