A Pet Peeve of Mine

A friend of mine forwarded this to me… Now …If the big fuss is that these illegals take away jobs… Then where does the free ride come in? Also… Isn’t it impossible to get welfare in most states with out working these days?… As well as no welfare without proof of citizenship?

But.. The last couple of stanzas’ say it all.

If You’re gonna be a racist… Be a racist without hiding behind some other thing!.. Cause if you truly believe that one race has a God given right to lord it over the others… Then you better convert to Judaism… ‘Cause to the best of my knowledge… The bible says that they are God’s chosen people. … How do you suppose the Nazis and Neos and such would like that?… Maybe about as much as Jerry Falwell likes being in the afterlife with all those gays and democrats.


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