I can’t resist taking a swipe at this… “THING”

I’m usually a relatively easy person to get along with… And there are few people that I can’t find some redeeming quality in… But … Ann Coulter smokes my hams and I’d gladly read her obituary
Honestly… Does this broad own another dress?!?



No… I did not deface this picture… But I wish I had!




I know… I know… I’ve touched on this subject before.

The Beast has the proper name …as the definition of “Coulter” shows. A divider. A separator. A digger of dirt. A tool used to work in the dirt.

American Heritage DictionaryCite This Source coul·ter Pronunciation Key
n. A blade or wheel attached to the beam of a plow that makes vertical cuts in the soil in advance of the plowshare.

[Middle English culter, from Old English culter and Old French coltre, both from Latin culter, knife, plowshare; see skel-1 in Indo-European roots.]

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