A Devastating Loss… Poor Pete!

dave fried

And We Thought Waterboarding Was Bad!

We Humans have a very keen mind when it comes to making the lives of our fellow humans miserable… Here are various methods of torture we’ve come up with over the centuries… It’s interesting to note that some of these methods are said to be still in use.

punishing shoes20. Punishing Shoes
The shoes were often used in conjunction with the standing pillory (a device that holds your head and wrists in place while you stand). How long do you think you could stand on your tippy-toes before you had to rest your heels on those iron spikes?

heretics fork19. Heretic’s Fork
The four sharp points snugly nestled under the chin and sternum were designed to allow the victim just enough range of motion with his mouth to murmer a confession.

Wanna to see the other 18?.. Really?!? You Sick Puppy!!


Want A HeadAche?… Look At This For A While…

optical illusion

Is It Just Me?… My Wife Says I’m Disgusting… It’s Just Little Kids And Pikachu


Play This Game At Your Own Risk! If The Boss Catches You… It’s Not My Fault!

Touch the blue ball to the square… Don’t touch the red dots!


Man In India Marries Dog… Can You Imagine Some Of The Snarky Comments The 1-800 TechSupport Folks Are Going To Get Over This?

I’m Sure his Mom is just Super Proud of him!


P. Selvakumar, left, places a garland on a sari-draped former stray female dog named Selvi , during a marriage ceremony in Manamadurai, 470 kilometers (494 miles) south of Chennai, India, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2007. Selvakumar married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death, an act he believes cursed him, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

NEW DELHI — A man in southern India married a female dog in a traditional Hindu ceremony as an attempt to atone for stoning two other dogs to death — an act he believes cursed him — a newspaper reported Tuesday.

P. Selvakumar married the sari-draped former stray named Selvi, chosen by family members and then bathed and clothed for the ceremony Sunday at a Hindu temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the Hindustan Times newspaper said.

Selvakumar, 33, told the paper he had been suffering since he stoned two dogs to death and hung their bodies from a tree 15 years ago.

“After that my legs and hands got paralyzed and I lost hearing in one ear,” he said in the report.

The paper said an astrologer had told Selvakumar the wedding was the only way he could cure the maladies. It did not say whether his situation had improved.

Deeply superstitious people in rural India sometimes organize weddings to dogs and other animals, believing it can ward off certain curses.

The paper showed a picture of Selvakumar sitting next to the dog, which was wearing an orange sari and a flower garland.

The paper said the groom and his family then had a feast, while the dog got a bun.

Pancakes From A Spray Can?!? Can This Be Possible?!?

Batter Blaster… If this is real … OK cool… I’ll buy some. If it’s fake… Good one!

Check it out for yourself… They don’t sell it where I live… Let me know if you find some.


It’s Organic no less! Here’s Video.

Pakistani Nukes On The Loose… But We’ll Bomb The Snot Out Of Iran Anyway.

Oh yeah… Let’s set the mideast on fire by going after Iran who as of this year… have zero… none… zilch nukes. While we allow our “ally” to steal his government and hang on by the skin of his teeth while his country shelters Osama and Friends. And Pakistan with a proven nuke capability plus the means to deliver the things… Lord Vader and Bonzo Cheney and Bush are apparently smoking a large percentage of the weed that gets confiscated at the AZ border.

The excerpt from the Washington Post.

“Of the world’s nine declared and undeclared nuclear arsenals, none provokes as much worry in Washington as Pakistan’s, numerous U.S. officials said. The government in Islamabad is arguably the least stable. Some Pakistani territory is partly controlled by insurgents bent on committing hostile acts of terrorism in the West. And officials close to the seat of power — such as nuclear engineer A.Q. Khan and his past collaborators in the Pakistani military — have a worrisome track record of transferring sensitive nuclear designs or technology to others.

That record, and the counter terror prism of U.S. policymaking since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, have led the Bush administration to worry less that Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal might be used in a horrific war with India than that it could become a security threat to the U.S. homeland in the event of any theft or diversion to terrorist groups.

“We can’t say with absolute certainty that we know where they all are,” said a former U.S. official who closely tracked the security upgrades. If an attempt were made by the United States to seize the weapons to prevent their loss, “it could be very messy,” the official said. ” (READ MORE)

Today’s Insults –

“I married your mother because I wanted children, imagine my disappointment when you came along.” - Groucho Marx

“Here lies my wife: here let her lie ! Now she’s at rest and so am I” - John Dryden on his wife

“She’s got such a narrow mind, when she walks fast her earrings bang together.” - John Cantu

I’ve Seriously Lost It… I Watched This Whole Video.

Is it my imagination or does the poodle on the left look like he stuffs? If you watch this whole thing … I’m sorry.

Health Insurer Tied Bonuses To Dropping Sick Policyholders

So you’re in the middle of chemotherapy and your insurer says …”Nope… No more for you.” And they give you some chintzy excuse… Some technicality… And then you find out that it was all tied to your adjuster getting a year end bonus!

I’m sure your mom’s real proud of you, Ms Adjuster! She helped sell out 1600 people for a total $20,000 bonus over 6 years… But guess how much the company made?… Try $35.5 Million.


patsy bates

DROPPED: Patsy Bates, 51, a Gardena hairdresser, is seeking $6 million plus damages in a suit against Health Net after her coverage was rescinded while she was in the middle of chemotherapy treatments.

One of California’s largest health insurers set goals and paid bonuses based in part on how many individual policyholders were dropped and how much money was saved.

Woodland Hills-based Health Net Inc. avoided paying $35.5 million in medical expenses by rescinding about 1,600 policies between 2000 and 2006. During that period, it paid its senior analyst in charge of cancellations more than $20,000 in bonuses based in part on her meeting or exceeding annual targets for revoking policies, documents disclosed Thursday showed. (READ MORE)

This List Of Alternate Names For The Female Reproductive Organ Is… Lengthy To Say The Least.


Have a euphemism that you don’t see listed here? Does it have to deal with female genitalia? Good! Muffy wants it!

Click Here

FedEx Or UPS? Who’s The Winner Here?

This is a great pic! FedEx pulls off a good one by raising the curtains… But UPS pulls off a good one by having FedEx carry the weight… If those UPS trucks are full… UPS wins the money game… This is one of the best pics I’ve seen in a while.


Go Ahead, Rationalize. Monkeys Do It, Too.


For half a century, social psychologists have been trying to figure out the human gift for rationalizing irrational behavior. Why did we evolve with brains that salute our shrewdness for buying the neon yellow car with bad gas mileage? The brain keeps sending one message — Yesss! Genius! — while our friends and family are saying,

“Well… ”

This self-delusion, the result of what’s called cognitive dissonance, has been demonstrated over and over by researchers who have come up with increasingly elaborate explanations for it.

In 1956 , Jack Brehm, carted some of his own wedding gifts into the lab (it was a low-budget experiment) and asked people to rate the desirability of things like an electric sandwich press, a desk lamp, a stopwatch and a transistor radio.

Then they were given a choice between two items they considered equally attractive, and told they could take one home. (At the end of the experiment Mr. Brehm had to confess he couldn’t really afford to give them anything, causing one woman to break down in tears.) After making a choice (but before having it snatched away), they were asked to rate all the items again. Suddenly they had a new perspective. If they had chosen the electric sandwich press over the toaster, they raised its rating and downgraded the toaster. They convinced themselves they had made by far the right choice.


Another Stressed Out Person At Work

The question is… What does he do after he walks off camera?  Have you ever wanted to do this to the office yakker?


Shut Down Every Cell Phone In A 30 Foot Radius Of Yourself.

One afternoon in early September, an architect boarded his commuter train and became a cellphone vigilante. He sat down next to a 20-something woman who he said was “blabbing away” into her phone.

“She was using the word ‘like’ all the time. She sounded like a Valley Girl,” said the architect, Andrew, who declined to give his last name because what he did next was illegal.

Andrew reached into his shirt pocket and pushed a button on a black device the size of a cigarette pack. It sent out a powerful radio signal that cut off the chatterer’s cellphone transmission — and any others in a 30-foot radius.

“She kept talking into her phone for about 30 seconds before she realized there was no one listening on the other end,” he said. His reaction when he first discovered he could wield such power? “Oh, holy moly! Deliverance.”

Individuals using jammers express some guilt about their sabotage, but some clearly have a prankster side, along with some mean-spirited cellphone schadenfreude. “Just watching those dumb teens at the mall get their calls dropped is worth it. Can you hear me now? NO! Good,” the purchaser of a jammer wrote last month in a review on a Web site called DealExtreme.


This Video Shows How Much Soft Porn FOX News Runs Each Day.

What’s funny is the amount of salacious material running in the background of “serious” news stories.

I gotta start watching more FOX…

Wedding Ring Syndrome? Are Married Men More Attractive To Unattached Women?

It has long been observed– though not scientifically– that women seem to show a vague preference for men who are already spoken for. This observation is known as the wedding ring effect, and there are numerous competing theories as to why it may be. Some suggest that the wedding ring is a cue that a man is “safe,” a passing opportunity for empty flirting; while others theorize that the female psyche sees the ring as an indication that another woman has deemed him worthy. There is also the possibility that the increase in feminine attention is purely imagined, a way for a married man to reassure himself that he’s still got “it” (or for that matter, that he ever had “it” to begin with).

More at DamnInteresting

How To Make Fire With A Raw Potato, Salt, Toothpaste And Cotton

There’s a little flash of hiney at the beginning… but… Nothing more than you’d see on Desparate Housewives.

Oy Vey!… Click Around… Note That It’ll Cost You $110 To Be REALLY Godless.


Let the world know what you’ll be doing to teach others about godlessness or to learn about it yourself! What will you be doing on November 15th, 2007 to live as if there is no god–to live as if there only exists the kindness of self and others to get you through your day?

We at THE GREAT AMERICAN GOD-OUT want to help you learn and be happy and to live every day to its fullest potential. Let us know how we can help!

Reserve your tickets for the party in NYC or make a donation for reason! If you can not attend the party, you can still help make REASON a REALITY!


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10 World Famous Sandwiches – Of These 10…. I’ve Only Ever Had Big Boy And Casper’s

The other 9 will have to go on the list of Places To Eat

Maybe You’ve Had A Few Of These

big boy


Yankee Stadium

This Is Simply The Coolest (and functional) Staircase I’ve Ever Seen

It’s not fancy… But it just makes sense! Why is this not standard issue in every house?!? Why was this not thought about from day one? Why can’t I have one?!?

Oh yeah… One story house.


See more cool staircases at DeputyDog

Happy 232nd Birthday To The U.S. Marine Corps – 11/10/2007


While I may not agree with their current mission… I’m well aware that these are the first guys who will defend my right to say so… And they’ll defend it to the death too!

This is a touching tribute to all Marines past and present… If you know one or know of one… See to it that they or their’s sees this…

Happy 232nd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

The Most Bizarre Musical Instrument On Earth… Well… Almost

Deputydog has a pretty cool post showing how the Japanese at least have fun spending their tax dollars… The Melody Road… I wouldn’t mind half of the roadwork being done in my neck of the woods if I knew that I’d at least have some fun with it afterwards.

Check it out HERE songroad1

However… My Vote still goes to The Sea Organ The Sea Organ

Compare the sounds of the two…

The Sea Organ  —–  The Melody Road

It’s Friday… We Got Jokes!!!

1. Innovative
2. Preliminary
3. Proliferation
4. Cinnamon

1. Specificity
2. Anti-constitutionalistically
3. Passive-aggressive disorder
4. Transubstantiate

1. Thanks, but I don’t want to have sex.
2. Nope, no more booze for me!
3. Sorry, but you’re not really my type.
4. Taco Bell? No thanks, I’m not hungry.
5. Good evening, officer. Isn’t it lovely out tonight?
6. Oh, I couldn’t! No one wants to hear me sing karaoke.
7. I’m not interested in fighting you.
8. Thank you, but I won’t make any attempt to dance, I have no
coordination. I’d hate to look like a fool!
9. Where is the nearest bathroom? I refuse to pee in this
parking lot or on the side of the road.
10. I must be going home now, as I have to work in the morning.


A crusty old Marine Sergeant Major found himself at a gala event hosted by a local liberal arts college. There was no shortage of extremely young idealistic ladies in attendance, one of whom approached the Sergeant Major for conversation.

‘Excuse me, Sergeant Major, but you seem to be a very serious man. Is something bothering you?’

Negative, ma’am. Just serious by nature.’

The young lady looked at his awards and decorations and said, ‘It looks like you have seen a lot of action.’

Yes, ma’am, a lot of action.

The young lady, tiring of trying to start up a conversation, said, ‘You know, you should lighten up a little. Relax and enjoy yourself.’

The Sergeant Major just stared at her in his serious manner… Finally the young lady said, ‘You know, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but when is the last time you had sex?’

“1955, ma’am.”

“Well, there you are. You really need to chill out and quit taking everything so seriously! I mean, no sex since 1955!” .. She took his hand and led him to a private room where she proceeded to ‘relax’ him several times.

Afterwards, panting for breath, she leaned against his bare chest and said, ‘Wow, you sure didn’t forget much since 1955!’
The Sergeant Major, glancing at his watch, said in his serious voice,

“I hope not, it’s only 2130 now.”