Computer Generated Women… None Of These Women Are Real!

Courtesy of THIS SITE…Plenty More Over There…



Now See What PhotoShop Can Do For Real Women!



As Much As I Hate To Think About It… I’m Sure This Beautiful Creature Was PhotoShopped Too… But I’d Still Like To See Her In Her In Person!


Free Software!! Lots Of It!! The Ultimate List…

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Plan B Wins Out Every Time!

plan B

It’s Monday!! You Need A Massive Time Waster!

Pick A Ball And Try To Bring It Into Focus… 

New Study…”Stoned drivers are safe drivers”… Of Course This Was Written By The Folks Over At Marijuana Magazine… ;-)

Two decades of research show that marijuana use may actually reduce driver accidents.

The effects of marijuana use on driving performance have been extensively researched over the last 20 years. All major studies show that marijuana consumption has little or no effect on driving ability, and may actually reduce accidents. Here’s a summary of the biggest studies into pot use and driving. (READ MORE)

puff granny

Puff, Puff …Pass, Gramps!

It Took Me 10 Minutes To Make My Buddy Pancho’s Face On This German Face Generator…

Ultimate Flash Face 2.0

Carl Sagan Tells Us That We Are Dots On A Pale Blue Dot…

After Yesterday’s Posts… You’ll Need A Drink… This Site Can Fix You Up A Nice Drink With Whatever You Have Laying Around…

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