15 T-Shirts You’d Hate To See On Your Daughter’s Boyfriend…

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Humans: Designed For Fatness… I Like This Article!!

Scientists at an obesity conference in Australia have heard how the human body is designed from the ground up to strongly resist attempts to lose weight… Queensland University appetite regulation and energy balance researcher, Dr Neil King, explained to the conference attendees that our bodies have strong mechanisms to defend against attempts to lose weight, but very weak mechanisms to prevent weight gain. (READ MORE)

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Speaking Of Fatness… How About Squashing?.. Here’s Video Of A Guy That Gets Off By Having His Really Big Girlfriend Literally … Squash… Him!

Here’s Eddie and Gem. Eddie, is an average-sized dude who has always been into plus-sized — or rather, morbidly obese — women, found his soul mate in Gem, who indulges his fantasy of watching her eat (carbs, in particular), and also engages in “squashing,” which is when she plops down on his body repeatedly, or just lays on top of him, applying large amounts of pressure to his body with her own weight.


Madam C From FL Came Through With Some Goodies While I Wait For My ISP To Fix My Connection Issues… Thanks!

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