SWISS parents are being told they should help children masturbate… Wait A Minute!… HUH?!?!

Somebody Tell Me That This Is A Friggin’ Hoax!!!

A controversial booklet called Korper, Liebe, Doktorspiele (”body, love, doctor games”) which was first handed out in Germany but later recalled has now appeared in Switzerland.

Available from the Kinderschutz Schweiz, an independent Swiss organisation for the prevention of sexual violence, it includes advice on massaging the sexual organs of children aged between one and three.

In Germany public prosecutors investigated but took no action after they received complaints from mothers who branded the pamphlet a “call for child abuse”.

The so-called “guidebook for parents for children’s sexual education from ages 1-3” urged parents to “combine the necessities with the amenities”, as a German saying goes, “by tickling, petting, caressing and kissing the child in various places when cleaning it”.

Another passage reads: “The vagina and particularly the clitoris attract almost no attention through naming and tender touching (neither by father nor mother) and thus make it hard for girls to develop pride for their sexuality.

A massive outcry by parents groups – and a police probe led to the booklet being recalled in Germany.

Now it has emerged again in Switzerland and critics are demanding authorities ban it.

A spokesman for the Swiss office for social insurance a federal organisation that oversees social and family policies said: “We were quite baffled to read the tips in this book. We have asked the responsible organisations to check the contents of the guide.”


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I can’t read much German… But I think THIS is the brochure…

After reading more on this subject… I’m more convinced than ever that I did the right thing by buying a shotgun when my daughter was 3 months old… I suspect that any father who’d want to caress his own little girl’s girlie bits will have no qualms about going after my little girl…

Come around My house with that pamphlet and I’ll massage you with #4 buckshot, you SOB!~

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Airport Noise Lifts Blood Pressure As You Sleep…

I live near an airport… They spent $30,000 to soundproof my house… I guess it was cheaper than a lawsuit.

Aircraft noise can boost your blood pressure while you’re asleep, say researchers who show that living near an airport isn’t just irritating, it can also be unhealthy.

The louder the noise, the higher a person’s blood pressure went, a finding that suggests people who live near airports may have a greater risk of health problems, says Dr Lars Jarup, who led the study.

High blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart failure, heart attack and kidney failure. It affects more than a billion adults worldwide.

“Living near airports where you have exposure to night-time aircraft noise is a major issue,” says Jarup, an environmental health researcher at Imperial College London.

The European Commission-funded study is published online in the European Heart Journal.


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I’ve always liked lighthouses… I used to play in an old abandoned one when I was a kid… Here are a few different ones from around the world courtesy of

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