This Translates Into (Much) Higher Food Prices For You And Me…

America’s largest chicken processor has announced major Plant Closings due to the high cost of chicken feed… It seems that the oil companies have decided to offer the farmers a higher price for their corn than the feed manufacturers… This Story is from Jan 2007… Things have gotten worse since then… A lot worse.

Here’s what Forbes has to say about Pilgrims Pride and HERE is where the company said that the current oversupply of chicken makes it difficult to pass costs on to the consumer… That means that we should be loading up the freezer with all the cheap chicken we can get… Because in a month or so… You’ll need to tap into your non existent home equity to buy a few drumsticks.

If the largest chicken company’s Chief Executive… J. Clinton Rivers says the industry can’t shoulder the costs any longer… What does that tell you about companies like Tyson and Purdue?

This News Video shows the plant workers complaining about how many spanish speaking people are going to be out of work when these plants close… What?!?! Undocumented workers getting laid off in their thousands?… Madness!!

USA Today has more stories relating to many places affected by this… But wait! It gets even more interesting!

Beef and Dairy Cows being sold off for the same reason… I just saw an ad for 3 pound chubs of ground beef at $1.37 a pound at my local market… Since ground beef is about all milk cows are good for… I guess that explains why the price of milk is through the ceiling.

With the price of eggs skyrocketing… I guess that means they’ve been selling off the laying chickens over the past month or so… Lay mash and pellets are more expensive than regular chicken feed.

That would explain why most varieties of soup containing chicken and beef have dropped… My local Safeway is selling the larger cans of Progresso Soup at 10 for $10…. That’s a damn good price… I think maybe we’ll go drop $40 on soup this weekend.

I guess if these chickenschicken run and these cows home cowsdon’t run fast enough…

Then we’ll end up with Foghorn foghorn and Elsie Elsieon the labels…

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