You’re Never Going To Look At A Map Of The USA In The Same Way Again…

State Penis

Vote For Me!!…


Regrowing Limbs: Can People Regenerate Body Parts?…

  • The gold standard for limb regeneration is the salamander, which can grow perfect replacements for lost body parts throughout its lifetime. Understanding how can provide a road map for human limb regeneration.
  • The early responses of tissues at an amputation site are not that different in salamanders and in humans, but eventually human tissues form a scar, whereas the salamander’s reactivate an embryonic development program to build a new limb.
  • Learning to control the human wound environment to trigger salamanderlike healing could make it possible to regenerate large body parts.

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Makin’ His Point… He Obviously Believes In His Cause… He’s Takin A Stand!

Making A Point

It’s Always Nice To See That Some People Take Things At Face Value…This Company Could Never Open With This Name In America

butt drilling

I Wonder If Anyone Under 25 Will Get This?…

boots for walken

This Ad Typifies The Attitude Of So Many Companies These Days… Your Funeral Isn’t Even Planned And They’re Trying To Fill The Job You Died On…

 Notice It’s All Low-End Service Workers??